Holistic Treatments

Hopi ear candles

1hour £25.00

Spa Reflexology -  (MBS Reflexology©)

Gentle touch foot reflexology using specialist techniques of bilateral reflexology, linking. The MBS Reflexology Routine was specifically designed to focused on balancing endocrine, lymphatic and nervous system. This is a brand new approach designed and copyrighted by Chris.


£40.00 - Special Offer £35.00

REIKI 40 min treatment

Having its roots in traditional Japanese culture, Reiki is a gentle positive energy therapy that supports you to balance your internal wellbeing. It has no specific religious roots therefore is suitable for all. Offered fully clothed in a reclined or seated position. Hands are placed on or above specific areas of the body (most commonly the chakra points). Reiki is offered exclusively via feet, head and shoulders or just the head and shoulders to support your privacy and dignity. Chakra Centres can be balanced via the feet. Reiki is a warm, comforting and gentle empowering experience and can be helpful in self managing a number of issues.


£40.00 - Special Offer £35.00

Reflexology 40 min treatment

Reflexology is a gentle, safe, non-invasive ancient holistic treatment where the body’s own natural healing properties are activated through applying pressure to reflex points corresponding with specific areas and organs of the body. Reflexology helps to balance the physical, mental and emotional aspects of the whole body treating the mind and body as one. Good for sleep, stress, anxiety to name a few. Specialist training in fertility, pregnancy, end of life and NEPIP  (for trauma and emotional disturbances) Reflexology.
TREATMENT is 40min


£40.00 - Special Offer £35.00

Ultimate stress buster 40 min treatment

Full reiki body treatment via the feet using zone therapy, energetic linking and balancing, acupressure stimulation and chakra balancing.


£40.00 - Special Offer £35.00

Facial Rejuvination Massage

An age defying  mixture of Indian and Japanese techniques providing lymphatic drainage, acupressure and EFT Point stimulation support stress. Wonderful

when combined with Reiki.


£40.00 - Special Offer £35.00

Angel Oracle Card Reading
(with optional Reiki to head and shoulders)

From time to time we all need some guidance when we are faced with making decisions. Angel Oracle Cards are a powerful tool that can give you a different perspective and insight into your personal situation. Angel Oracle Cards only provide positive motivational support for you. They will not give you a “yes” or “no” answer, but provide you with options that are personal to you, supporting you to make your personal decisions.   

The law of attraction means the right cards are chosen by / for you at any particular time. A reading can be an effective method of tuning into the subconscious thoughts, emotions and your personal healing or gut feelings  that can also serve guidance.  

Reiki is also offered via the head and shoulders as an OPTIONAL addition if you choose.
In accordance with UK law, tarot and oracle card readings are for entertainment purposes only. I can give a clear description of the ca